On-Demand Cerebral Organoids Course


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After a few years of running its in-person counterpart around the world, we are excited to present our new offering. This online cerebral organoids course (or brain organoids course) will empower more scientists around the world with this revolutionary technology.

Cerebral organoids allow the study of mechanisms in neural development as well as the roots of human neurological diseases. This technology can empower experiments where current in vitro methods are too simple. It is also more applicable to human models than rodent or other mammalian models.

In the video lectures and video protocols of this online cerebral organoids course, you will learn from pioneer Dr Madeline Lancaster and her lab how to establish, culture and manipulate cerebral organoids. You will discover the state-of-the-art of cerebral organoid technology and learn all the theory you need to design your experiments.

During the practicals of this cerebral organoids course, instructors from the Lancaster lab will cover all the critical steps of the establishment and culture of cerebral organoids. They will also share tips and tricks you can only learn from the most experienced users of this powerful system.

Our mini-assessments will help you measure what you are learning and what you need to further look into. At the end of the course, you can download your personal certificate.

This online cerebral organoids course can be taken on its own on your time, at your own rhythm. You can also combine it with an in-person course where you can meet the experts and have a hands-on learning experience at one of our regular locations.