OBRIZUM® is a cloud-based platform with patent pending integrated artificial intelligence (AI) technology for personalised professional education,
assessment and certification in the life sciences and healthcare. It offers premium quality education from the brightest minds in the world,
previously assigned only to the premium institutions, and makes this accessible to public and private institutions as well as individuals.

OBRIZUM® provides a structure that fits the needs of the fast changing science and technology sector and allows to keep track of recent developments.
It is an integrated instructional system wherein clear objectives are established, instructors teach in a compelling fashion,
frequent assessments are used to spot problems and intervene as necessary, and finally outcomes are monitored carefully to modify
and improve the learning experience for the individual user as well as future users.


The story behind the name


Pronounced [o’brɪz(ə)m], it is the latin word for “pure gold”.
In ancient  Rome, the authenticity of gold coins was tested by fire, pure gold glowing a specific colour in the flames.
Each time it went through the test, the metal became purer and over the years, the word obrizum also became synonymous of
testing and assessment. 

Why we decided to develop 

Current educational challenges


The demand for tertiary education is expected to increase significantly over the next 15 to 20 years. Meeting this increase in demand will require traditional education to increase the output of graduates. This challenge is best exemplified in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) job market. Despite the increasing number of graduates every year, many STEM-related positions remain unfilled. Fast technological change is a key demand driver of both the level and type of skills needed in the future. In short, the broad demand for education and educated people exceeds the supply.

Did you know?

In order for the current system to cater for the total number of students by 2035 we would need to  build 2 universities per day for the next 20 years!

What needs to be part of the solution (s)


While ensuring that more students acquire the right skills needed in the workplace must be part of the solution, the education system also needs to adapt in order to meet the demand of people needing to re-skill as careers are no longer linear. In the current education system, typically this would require larger classrooms, more teachers and, crucially, more financial resources. The focus must be on producing high quality, in-demand degrees to generate good economic returns.

We need to modernise some aspects of education and tailor them to the new increasing demand.

Education must (also) go digital

We say “also” because the question is not to erase and replace the current system, but to improve and complement it.

Did you know?

Education is only 2% digitised!

Online learning is a great solution to reduce overall costs, as taking online courses is often more cost-efficient than physically attending courses at a university. However, the learning experience is evolving and demands the implementation of next-generation learning methods in new online solutions as there is a shift away from a curriculum dictated and limited by the textbook, to one that encourages the development of life-long learning skills. Our OBRIZUM online learning and assessment platform allows self-directed, on-the-go learning as well as external certification.

We have built OBRIZUM with the following characteristics:

The Content is

The Learning is

The Assessment is



Highest quality












Bite-Sized Knowledge Nuggets

Non-Linear Course Structure

Flexible, Personalised and Authenticating

One of the reasons that stop many from taking or completing an online training course is the fact that standard course contents can take too much time away from a learner’s often extremely busy day-to-day schedule.
OBRIZUM builds each course from bite-sized content and assessments “knowledge nuggets” that take no more time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

One of the challenges with online courses is that they need regular updates in order to maintain their relevance and benefits to the learners. This is nearly impossible to achieve with standard linear course structures.
OBRIZUM’s course structures are therefor designed to be non-linear, which combined with the bite-size of each piece of content allow rapid addition, removal, or rearrangement of new or incomplete course content.

Our non-linear and multi-dimensional course structures allow personalised navigation through the wealth course content. OBRIZUM’s machine learning algorithms use our unique data-rich mini-assessments through the user’s journey to tailor which content to show them next.
The feedback from each interaction with content and assessments enables OBRIZUM to indicate when and where there have been different individuals using the same unique identifier to access a course.


You are a Manager or an Organisation

Use our OBRIZUM platform to create bespoke courses for your selected users. Usage and performances will be tracked and you can access all the data from your admin dashboards.

For more information please get in touch with:

Dr Chibeza Agley


You are an Individual

Have your own personal learning journey through any of the CamBioScience courses on our OBRIZUM platform to learn the latest emerging technologies in the Life Sciences. Your progress and performance will be tracked and you can access all the data from your user dashboards.

For more information please get in touch with:

Dr Juergen Fink


You are a Life Science Company

Partner with us on our OBRIZUM courses to help and guide users in their adoption of new emerging technologies in the Life Sciences.

For more information please get in touch with:

Dr Sarra Achouri


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