Travel Grants & Awards

Travel Grants & Awards

Please read the eligibility criteria and deadlines carefully before applying to the grants and awards listed below. CamBioScience does not have any agreement with the organisations offering these awards but they have been selected by our team for being compatible with our events.

Please look at the categorised below to find the relevant grants depending on what CamBioScience event you wish to attend.

Travel Grant Tips


Read about how Clare Benson obtained a travel grant from the Genetics Society to attend the CamBioScience CRISPR course in October 2019.

Clare Benson is a PhD student in St George’s University of London Genetics Research Centre, working on in vitro (cell-based) and in vivo (zebrafish) models to investigate the causal mechanisms underlying vascular defects in Adams-Oliver syndrome.

To attend the ‘CRISPR: Design and Strategy’ course in October 2019, I applied for the Genetics Society Junior Scientist Conference grant (non-GS meeting). The £750 grant was required to cover the cost of registration fees for the meeting and accommodation for two nights in Cambridge, which supported attendance across the full 2-day schedule and facilitated networking opportunities. My attendance was critical to further enhance and validate my research. The grant application itself was relatively simple for Genetics Society members. A maximum of 750 words was required to explain the purpose of the meeting, what the grant will pay for and the benefits provided by attendance, as well as a short letter of recommendation from a supervisor.

Top tips:

1. Explain the course you’re applying for and what it provides, i.e. techniques, knowledge, networking opportunities.

2. Explain your own research and its importance in detail, including the specific experiments you plan to carry out and why the course is required for these experiments to come to fruition.

3. Be very clear about the relevance between the course you’re aiming to secure funding for and your own research.

4. Think outside the box in your reasoning for why you should get the grant: will you disseminate the information to your research community? Would your planned experiments be near-impossible without the training provided?

5. Be enthusiastic in your writing!

Training events outside the UK

The Company of Biologists Travel Grant   Up to £600

Training events within the UK

Genetics Society Training Grant   Up to £1000

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